Fotografía cedida por Disney donde aparecen Mickey Mouse (3i), Minnie Mouse (3d) y sus amigos Goofy (i), Pluto (2i), Pato Donald (2d) y la pata Daisy (d), mientras lucen los nuevos atuendos exclusivos para el Disney Jollywood Nights, un nuevo evento en el Hollywood Studios de Disney en Lake Buena Vista, Florida (EE. UU). EFE/Steven Díaz/Disney /SOLO USO EDITORIAL /NO VENTAS /SOLO DISPONIBLE PARA ILUSTRAR LA NOTICIA QUE ACOMPAÑA /CRÉDITO OBLIGATORIO

Lucha Libre, Uncontrolled anger, and stupidity

It seems today that it just takes a harsh word or an unwelcome shove to start the verbal and physical exchanges between people who seemed to be having a good time.

So many people are like mini time bombs filled with nitroglycerin, a very unstable explosive ready to explode quickly and easily.

What is so important at a sports event is that you must defend something that really is not that important. If you want to fight and defend something, then please sign up for the military; or get into an organized event in a ring.

Many of us have seen brawls break out anywhere at any time. History has told us that most of these violent events see people scratched, clothing torn, eyes blackened, wigs taken, clothes torn, and pride damaged. What is most dangerous is that a fall in the wrong direction with a skull striking a sharp or hard instrument can cause serious injury or death.

And recently, we saw a brawl at Disneyland, of all places. Families were fighting in an area filled with children and some children in strollers. What if one of them were to be hurt?

This obscene fighting also happened in Disneyland Paris as two women were found striking each other as they rolled along the ground.

One thing that perhaps we could do is ban these brawlers from these public venues. Then, these venues should develop a website dedicated to these horrific acts and name the patrons and their hometowns.

To walk away and take your party with you is not being a coward, nor is it that you do not care. But I think it says that life is more important than any highly inflammatory incident.

Nonviolence teaches that we can win and change minds and hearts if we don’t respond to volatile situations by further complicating things with our own unwelcome language and reactions.

Parents should be embarrassed to have participated in such foolish demonstrations of uncontrolled actions.

We must be willing to walk away and seek out authority in the area when we see this happening.

Also, it is suggested that venues, particularly sports venues, have more highly trained staff to interrupt and stop this foolish and dangerous exercise of emotions.


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