El líder de la minoría republicana en el Senado, Mitch McConnell. (Foto: EFE/SHAWN THEW)

The Republican Party lost the Presidential election in Georgia and nationally…and then lost the special election in the span of two months. And now they have passed legislation that will make it harder for Blacks, people of color and the poor to vote.

Normally a political party who would lose an election examines to see if they needed to change their platform, the quality of their candidates and their GOTV (get out the vote) programs. But now the Republicans not only in Georgia and in most of the states are developing legislation that would diminish the voting strength of Blacks in particular.

What the Republicans are saying is we cannot win a fair election and we must change the rules. They want to make it harder for the opposition to win.

What if the Republican heavy weight boxer would box Mohammad Ali with Ali only able to use one hand. Or if the Republican party were to have 5 players on their basketball team and their opponent be allowed only three players. These situations are unfair but that is basically what these Republicans are trying to do with these voter suppression laws.

Republicans are riding the false lie of Trump saying that there was fraud in the last election therefore they need to make these radical changes. In Georgia they counted the ballots three times and there was no fraud. And there has not been any fraud found nationally. The only person who tried to commit fraud was Donald Trump who tried to get Georgia to change the vote total and tried to stop the count of the Electoral Votes.

This new Georgia law allows the state legislature to take over the entire electoral system in the state and this could allow them to overturn the vote of the people. Just what Trump wanted.  In addition, individuals who give water or snacks to those standing in line to vote could and would be arrested. This will be tested in court and by massive CIVIL DISOBEDIANCE.

These laws have already caused a reaction the right wing had not counted on. Not only blacks, and people of color have been out raged and activated but many decent democracy loving people are energized to fight this attack on our constitution.

These right-wing politicians are trying to take America with them back to the racist historical JIM CROW period. These new JIM AND JANE CROW laws will be fought at every level. And in the end, we will win.



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