(Photo : Credit/Gloria Maratta)

How I love you, Lord Jesus

With time that love increases

For You

I hunger and thirst 

I love because You loved first

You make life on earth bearable

I want to share it all

With a world that’s lost

That at any cost

Turns You away

To find their own way

Rejecting Your 

Book of





Preferring worldly goods and pleasures that lead to 


So I pray for my lost loved ones 

For You Yourself say 

The prayers of a righteous Believer

Avail much to 


my hope that none should perish

This is my prayer and wish 

For I know that all You ask 

of the lost is that they go back and remember 

Who You are 

Let You in to their heart 

and say, 

“Lord forgive me.”

I know with just that 

You give me



Truth that sets free. 

The way to the Father that takes us further 

Into the depths of

Your infinite love 

This is what faith in You 

is made of 

For your glory

We share this story

For a lost and 

Christ rejecting-world

For our family

I pray 

You, Lord 

lead the way 

For Your sheep 

from going astray 

In Jesus name 

I pray


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