Justin Sarachik.

Justin Sarachik

Today we’re taking a look at some incredible Christian Rap artists who mainly sing/rap in Spanish. There are plenty of Hispanic artists doing music in English, but these are predominately focused on Latin markets or for those who enjoy bilingual music.

Jxhn Pvul

Jxhn Pvul is a jack-of-all-trades in music whether it’s rapping, singing, production, or mixing. He was named a Rapzilla Freshmen in 2021 for his outstanding work and at the time created pop-friendly rap music in English. Since then, he’s transitioned to making Spanish music full-time which he felt was more culturally aligned to himself.

Jxhn Pvul.

Tommy Royale

Tommy Royale burst onto the scene a few years ago thanks to a number of collaborations with Reach Records. He cemented his place in CHH with a couple of appearances on Sin Verguenza which was producer Cardec Drums’ brainchild. He was also a Rapzilla Freshmen in 2020. Since then, he signed to Cardec’s label No Apologies.

Tommy Royale.

Vianca the Grace

Vianca the Grace has an incredible testimony. She’s bounced around from Wisconsin, Florida, and Puerto Rico with each stop along the way crafting her journey. She used to strip and sold drugs but had a radical life-changing encounter with God. Now all of her performances point back to the cross.

Vianca the Grace.

Kenny Rivers

Kenny Rivers is a young faith-based urban producer and artist from Puerto Rico currently based in Orlando, FL. Rivers started music at a young age by playing percussion and drums at church growing up. He started his career back in 2020 but only last year started receiving major online success.

Kenny Rivers.

Ada Betsabe

Ada Betsabe was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Massachusetts. She’s a veteran in the space and released her first commercial album in 2016, which charted top 20 on the iTunes Hip-Hop charts. Since then she’s had a steady stream of new music and collaborations.

Ada Betsabe.

Destiny Marko

Destiny Marko is a Bronx-born singer whose parents are from Puerto Rico. Her heritage and New York upbringing have led to her unique sound. She was the worship leader at her High School, and that stuck with her. During the Covid Lockdown, is when she started her career. During that time, Destiny and her husband also helped start 9 Million Reasons, a non-profit that seeks to help those in need in and around NYC.

Destiny Marko.


CRYS is a Cuban singer-songwriter from Miami, FL. She was raised in Puerto Rico and now lives in L.A., California. She started releasing music in 2017 and her debut album came out in 2021. Her «love language» is working with friends and has thrived through collaboration. She has worked with names like Tommy Royale, Evan Craft, Alex Campos, and Living.


Don Ryvcko

Don Ryvcko is a 23-year-old Latin urban artist from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. He moved there with his family as a missionary and adapted to the culture. He brings a blend of Spanish and English, melodies and bars, and Latin and American cultures. He’s made songs with 116, Tommy Royale, and Cardec Drums. In 2019, he was named a Rapzilla Freshmen.

There you have it. Eight Christian artists who are paving the way for Spanish speaking people in hip-hop.

This article is in partnership with Rapzilla.com, the world’s leading source for Christian Hip-Hop in the world. Full version with links and music on their website. Justin Sarachik is their editor-in-chief and has been involved with the God in the City Event as Esperanza two years in a row. Cal Hackett also contributed to this story.

Don Ryvcko.


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