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I like that many of you want to see the deaths caused by the Virus and this new variant called Delta to diminish and hopefully end. But Governors in red southern states are doing little or nothing to protect their citizens.

The hospitals in states like Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas Florida, and others are experiencing a most incredible surge of patients, and many of the patients are much younger than those we saw in 2020. On top of this, Schools are getting ready to open, and Texas and Florida will not allow schools to demand the masking of students. In the weeks ahead we will see school boards in these states defying the orders of the Governors and will probably end up in court and will probably win.

Recently, the Governor of Texas has been calling for outside medical staff as his medical system is pushed to the edge of disaster. He instead should have been closing businesses and large group gatherings and demanded masking by everyone. The Governor of Arkansas has at last taken action to overturn his own legislation banning masking and is now urging all to get the vaccine and wear masks.

Soon the Military will demand that all personnel be vaccinated, and many large corporations will demand this of their employees. Even FOX News, that supports anti vaccine rhetoric, demands that every employee be vaccinated. For sports and business, it is important to have their employees vaccinated. They do not want to lose key staff to COVID at key moments in the work cycle. This lose of personnel will affect adversely the profit margin for these companies.

Even those who are vaccinated can continue to spread the virus and that’s why we all must MASK UP and perhaps save a life. I worry that the medical staff in these states are again being pushed to mitigate the damage caused by misguided decisions of the politicians.

We as the public must demand that these governors spend 48 hours at an ICU unit in a hospital filled with dying covid patients. We need them to see the faces of those dying. We need to have them see all the efforts made by the heroic medical staff.

Then we should demand that they personally go the families of the deceased and tell them of their loss and to sit there with them and try to console them and at the same time try to explain why they did not have a more aggressive programs to protect them and their families.

I don’t believe that our politicians have the backbone to face the misery they have helped to create. Our country is losing citizens who should not be dying but they are dying because of governors playing politics with the lives of our loved ones.

No matter where you live you should call your elected officials and demand they do everything possible to save lives. Every life is precious.

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