Eddie Irizarry.

“Release body cam footage and requesting that district attorney Larry Krasner charge officer dial to the fullest extent of the law.”

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. A new tragedy unfolded in the City of Brotherly Love on Monday, August 14th. This time, it was Eddie Jose Irizarry Jr., a 27-year-old resident of our neighborhood, who fell victim. He tragically lost his life after being shot multiple times in a matter of seconds by Philadelphia Police officer Mark Dial.

Community leaders, politicians, spiritual figures, nonprofit organizations, the family of Eddie Irizarry, and their attorney convened for a press conference on Thursday, August 31st, at Concilio in North Philadelphia, with a unified call for justice. The event commenced with a poignant prayer, followed by Councilwoman Quetcy Lozada expressing her unwavering support for the Irizarry family alongside other prominent leaders.

«His sister Mary Irizarry and his family are demanding justice,» said sources close to the family. Justice, in this case, entails uncovering the truth about the incident and avoiding any distortion of facts that could favor Officer Mark Dial, who is reportedly uncooperative in the ongoing investigation.

A medida que la marcha se acercaba a Willard Street, donde Irizarry fue asesinado, la multitud comenzó a cantar “Su vida importaba”. (Foto: Crédito/Lili Daliessio)

“Release body cam footage and requesting that district attorney Larry Krasner charge officer dial to the fullest extent of the law.”

Eddie earned a living as a mechanic and was passionate about music and his family

Friends and family, when interviewed by various media outlets across the nation, consistently described Junito as a positive presence in their lives. This collective sentiment contradicts the initial portrayal of him after the tragic shooting incident.

Philadelphia finds itself grappling with a glaring crisis between its community and the police department.

A las 18:02 horas, el grupo se detuvo en el lugar del tiroteo. Un grupo de policías en bicicleta encabezó la marcha.

In response to this tragedy, Irizarry’s family has garnered support from the community. A press conference and march, toke place the past Thursday, August 31st, 2023, aims to underscore the urgent need for «JUSTICE FOR JUNITO.» Community leaders, family members, organizations, and friends have expressed their collective demand for justice an a comprehensive action plan to address a longstanding issue that continues to fester.

El pastor que presidió el funeral de Irizarry dirigió a la multitud en oración mientras llegaban al lugar donde le dispararon a Irizarry, a pasos de un altar que su abuelo Nelson García había construido. (Foto: Crédito/Lili Daliessio)

Eddy’s funeral took place on Thursday, August 24th, 2023, at Christ Saint Ambrose Episcopal Church, located at 3554 N Sixth St, Philadelphia, PA. He was laid to rest at Magnolia Cemetery. The fundraising effort organized by Eddie Irizarry’s father to cover funeral costs has concluded.

Mientras el pastor oraba, Zoraida García, todavía agarrando un extremo del cartel de su sobrino, comenzó a llorar. Entre lágrimas colocó flores en el altar para su sobrino.(Foto: Crédito/Lili Daliessio)

The family’s legal representatives revealed that they were granted access to the footage on Wednesday, August 30th, by District Attorney Larry Krasner, marking an overdue response to their persistent appeals. The disturbing videos unveiled by the attorneys provide concrete evidence refuting the officers’ initial claims. Contrary to their statements, the footage illustrates that Irizarry neither left his vehicle nor made any attempt to do so. These compelling visuals, spanning a duration of 20 minutes, are anticipated to be publicly released within the next two weeks. Zoraida and Wanda Garcia stand united in advocating for the video’s release, recognizing its potential to reshape the narrative surrounding police violence against innocent individuals, mirroring the tragic fate of their own nephew.

For those impacted by gun violence, the following resources are available:

– Philadelphia Mobile Emergency Team: (215) 685-6440

– West/Southwest Victim Services Program: (215) 748-7780

– Center City Crime Victim Services: 215-665-9680

– Northeast Victim Services: (215) 332-3888

– Northwest Victim Services: (215) 438-4410

– Victim Services of South Philadelphia: (215) 551-3360

– East Division Crime Victim Services (Concilio and Congreso): (215) 426-4810

– Concilio (215-627-3100): Support for crime victims and families

The investigation remains ongoing, and we are committed to keeping our community informed and engaged by providing updates on this matter and ways they can support the grieving Irizarry family.

*Lili Daliessio is Community Information Manager at Esperanza Housing and Economic Development.  

On the same day at 4:30 PM, a march originating from Taller Puertorriqueño underscored the demand for justice and transparency from the Philadelphia Police. Their unified voices echoed in a peaceful rally as a community, resounding with the call for justice for Junito.


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