(Foto: Staff/Esperanza)

Esperanza and Comcast are partnering to help families take advantage of the federal government’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), which provides eligible low-income households a credit of up to $30 a month toward their Internet and/or mobile service. Thanks to ACP, eligible Comcast customers can get home Internet through Comcast’s Internet Essentials or Internet Essentials Plus at no cost once the federal credit is applied. Internet Essentials customers can also add a line of unlimited 5G cellular data ($45) through Xfinity Mobile for as little as $24.95/month after applying the ACP benefit.

Esperanza is reaching out to members, neighbors, and all families currently enrolled in PHLConnectED, the City’s initiative to provide free Internet access to pre-K-12 families in need. PHLConnectED families must enroll in ACP to continue to receive free service.

If you need help understanding or applying for ACP, contact Esperanza directly or contact the City’s Digital Navigators by dialing 2-1-1. Digital Navigators can help guide families through enrollment, obtaining a low-cost or free computer, and even providing troubleshooting and tech support. You can also visit Xfinity.com/acp to learn more.

Nearly two million Pennsylvania households are eligible for the discount, and only a small percentage of those have taken action to enroll and take advantage of it. Don’t miss out!


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