Anderson Uribe (Foto: Cortesía)

It was the middle of a very cold night and the moonlight shined brightly as Esperanza College alumnus Anderson Uribe worked diligently, clearing the snow and ice from his car to get to work. His mind drifted back to a few years ago when he was doing the same thing, but then he was going to work at a factory, putting in long hours. Now, he works in the newsroom at NBC Telemundo in the Comcast Technology Center in Center City.

Anderson immigrated from the Dominican Republic to Philadelphia in 2015 after a short stay in Florida. His dream was to be a television reporter, but at the time it seemed to be just a wish. He did not have any family here and was just learning English. Like most immigrants, he was no stranger to hard work and trying to make ends meet. A friend and graduate of Esperanza College of Eastern University recommended he consider going to college to study business to get ahead in life. He was skeptical since he thought he could not afford it, and there was no way he could fit going to college into his busy work schedule.

When the admissions counselor told Anderson about a new program in digital communication, he got very excited, as hope grew in his heart that his dreams might be within reach after all.  Thanks to a generous Esperanza scholarship, a class schedule for working adults, and support from his professors, Anderson graduated. A few months later as a bilingual media professional the doors opened for him work in the news department at NBC Universal, where he works on their Spanish and English newscasts, their website, and social media.

Anderson loves that he is making a positive difference by telling the stories of his community, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. He says, “It’s not easy. It is hard work. But it is exciting, worth it, and I’m learning a lot.” He loves the fact that he is part of something special. He adds “once upon a time, not long ago, I thought that reaching my dream was so far out. I would say ‘I wish I was working for this company’, and now I’m right there. I still have a way to go to reach my dreams, but I feel like I am getting closer and closer”. He believes that having the proper motivation, focus, opportunity, and persistence is vital to success. “Don’t do it because you think you will be famous, do it because you love it, and make a difference”. For his courage and perseverance, Anderson Uribe is an emerging “Héroe de impacto y esperanza”.


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