Servicios del gobierno de Pensilvania mientras se practica el distanciamiento social:


🧑‍💻 File for unemployment compensation:

🏠 Report eviction:

👤 Talk mental health: Text PA to 741-741

👨‍⚕️ Apply for Medicaid:

🍎 Apply for SNAP:

👶 Apply for WIC: Call 1-800-942-9467

🏡 Get help with home heating:

📬 Sign up to vote by mail ballot:

💲 Report price gouging:

📑 Get answers to tax questions:

💳 Credit/mortgage/rent advice:

🏫 Learn about school closures:

🚙 Access driver services:

🧑‍💼 Connect with professional license services:

⚠️ Receive health/safety text alerts:

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